Battery Acid Pillows

Neutralize Acid Spills

Battery Acid Pillows
NSN: 4235-01-493-2435

Battery Acid Pillows are placed under leaks or on spills to absorb and neutralize battery acid. The fabric of each pillow is treated so drips are neutralized on the surface. Spills are absorbed and neutralized by the AN400 filer.

Available Sizes

Pillows are composed of 6 ounces of Battery Mat material with AN400 Powder filler.

  • Size: 11.5” X 11.5”
    Absorbs: up to 100cc
    Color: Yellow

Product Testimonials

Thanks Battery Mat for your many years of a consistently great product. These pillows are very effective.

These pillows clean up spills with ease. Keep it up!

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