Standard Mats & Rolls

Battery Mats & Rolls

Absorbent, Neutralizing, and Easy to Install

The Original Battery Mat’s® standard rolls and mats are an easy, cost-effective way to neutralize battery acid and stop corrosion and rust before it begins. From leaking car batteries to full-scale warehouse fleets, Battery Mat has helped clients in a wide variety of industries to stop acid damage and prevent battery leakages:

  • Automotivecars, trucks, and manufacturing plant vehicles
  • Warehousingforklifts and bank storage units
  • Nuclear Powerpower generation and power storage
  • Communicationscomputer systems and remote power locations
  • Agriculturetractors and riding mowers
  • Militaryartillery and missile systems
  • Solar Energypower generation and storage
  • Aircraftauxiliary power systems
  • Battery Productionmanufacturing and transportation
  • Marineships and lighted marker buoys

Standard Mats

Specs & Stock Numbers

All our acid-absorbing mats come black, unprinted, and unpackaged. We have pre-cut mat sizes but can custom cut to fit your exact needs. Shipped in cartons of 100.

Standard Material

Fits 95% of automotive installations

  • Size: 8” X 12”
    Part Number: 1001548 (Packaged)
  • Size: 8” X 12”
    Part Number: 1001547 (Bulk)
    GSA Stock Number: NSN
  • Size: 8” X 20”
    Part Number: 1001626 (Bulk)

Heavy Duty Material

  • Size: 8” X 12”
    Part Number: 1001711 (Bulk)
  • Size: 8” X 12”
    Part Number: 1001628 (Bulk)

Standard Rolls

Specs & Stock Numbers

All rolls are available in even foot increments up to four feet wide and five hundred feet long. Pre-sized rolls are listed below, but we do offer custom sizes.

Part Number: 1001534

DOD Stock Number: NSN 6160-01-389-1966
 1’ X 100’ Standard
Use: Standard

Part Number: 1001536

DOD Stock Number: NSN 6160-01-395-5943
Size:  1’ X 100’ Heavy Duty Industrial
Use: Industrial

Common Questions About BatteryMat

Why Use BatteryMat?

The Original Battery Mat™® offers every car around-the-clock protection from an ever-present threat: its own battery. A battery can leak undetected for months, causing rust on any metal surface the acid encounters. This rust, of course, can cause irreversible damage to body parts resulting in costly repairs or even accidents.

When and How to Use BatteryMat?

The The Original Battery Mat™® (slightly larger than a standard size battery) is inserted underneath the battery, which is then clamped down as usual. It can be installed easily at any time, either under and existing battery or when replacing an old one.

What is a BatteryMat?

The The Original Battery Mat™® is made of super absorbent polypropylene needle punch felt, with one side heat treated to give it additional strength. This fabric is slowly pressure-treated at high temperatures with a unique, all-natural, acid neutralizing formula, and then cured in ovens. Finally, the fabric is dipped in a latex sealant mixture, again in the ovens, and screen printed.

How does BatteryMat Work?

Once installed, The Original Battery Mat™® will trap and neutralize any battery acid that leaks from the terminals or top side of the battery, thus preventing corrosion and expensive damage. Because of the latex sealant, the BatteryMat can repel water and keep the acid neutralizers sealed in and potent. Because the latex sealant is not impervious to battery acid, however, the acid will seep into the BatteryMat’s highly porous fabric, where it will be absorbed and harmlessly neutralized.

Who Should Buy BatteryMat?

Everyone who owns a car should install The Original Battery Mat™® to prevent damage from a leaking battery. BatteryMat is usable in other areas as well, such as marine, aviation, industrial, and agricultural sectors. The BatteryMat can also be used when storing batteries at home or in the garage


We have been using Battery Mat in my camper for years. It is easy to install and protects my equipment all year long.

Acid can eat through concrete floors. The Original Battery Mat is the only product that can absorb and neutralize the acid before it ruins my garage. Thanks Battery Mat!

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