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   Complete line of
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    & neutralize
     battery acid!

World's Only Acid Neutralizing Mat!          Available in Rolls, Mats, or Custom Sizes

The Problem:
Leaking battery acid pollutes, destroys your investment, and produces toxic vapors which contribute to your rising health care costs.


The Solution: The Battery Mat

  • World's Only Acid Neutralizing Mat
  • Traps and Neutralizes Battery Acid
  • Recyclable
  • Protects the Environment
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to Install
  • Available from both GSA & DOD Stock
  • Completely Safe to Handle Before & During Installation
  • Protects against Corrosion
  • Used by all Branches of the U.S. Military
  • Available in Rolls, Mats, or Custom Sizes
If you are involved with any of the following industries, your need to know about the Battery Mat®:
  • Automotive - Manufacturing plants to batteries in vehicles
  • Warehousing - Fork lifts to banks of storage batteries
  • Nuclear Power - Power generation to power storage
  • Communications - Computer systems to remote power locations
  • Agriculture - Tractors to riding mowers
  • Military - Artillery to missile systems (DLA stock listed)
  • Solar Energy - Power generation to power storage
  • Aircraft - Manufacturing to auxiliary power systems
  • Battery Production - Manufacturing to transpiration
  • Marine - Ships to lighted marker buoys
The Battery Mat Company has a complete line of products for dealing with battery acids.

The Battery Mat can help you comply with Article 64 of the 1995 Supplement ot the U.F.C, which specifies that stationary lead-acid batteries must have an approved method for neutralizing spilled acid.


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